Crossing Borders, Changing Boundaries
Reporting on vulnerable refugees in “Little Bill Clinton,” I asked all the wrong ethical questions.  (Acts of Witness, 2012)

Shakespeare in Prison
Leonard Ford was a pedophile, and admitting that took time … and acting class.  (Acts of Witness, 2012)

Bill Clinton’s 7-Year-Old Brother
Two years into his American life, refugee Igey Muzeleya decided to rewrite his origin story.  (This American Life, Public Radio International, 2009)

This Taxi Pays You
I never dreamed of being on reality TV … until the right German cab came along. (Deutsche Welle, 2008)

Game Show Attempts Cultural Hijacking
I was a hopeless foreigner – until the right Berlin cab came along. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2007; 2008 German Marshall Fund award winner)

Borat’s Dilemma
Is the joke on Kazakhstan – or the rest of us? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2005; 2005 International Reporting Project fellowship recipient)

A hard time for a hard line
After 30 years, America’s toughest drug laws have served their time. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

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