Arts & Culture

Lynn Zwerling’s knitting group for male prisoners opens up their world
Maryland inmates find friends and transformation thanks to an unexpected hobby. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2012)

Hello Again … and Again
A dispatch from Tanzania about the cultural significance of comically long hellos. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009)

Game Show Attempts Cultural Hijacking
I was a hopeless foreigner – until the right Berlin cab came along. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2007; 2008 German Marshall Fund award winner)

Borat’s Dilemma
Is the joke on Kazakhstan – or the rest of us? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2005; 2005 International Reporting Project fellowship recipient)

Kigali RadioBack on the Air
Independent radio, an engine of the Rwandan genocide, was banned when the violence ended. Now, new stations are cautiously reclaiming the airwaves. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

Justice on the Silver Screen?
The role of documentary filmmakers in overturning wrongful convictions. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

Iraq and Ruin
The state of Iraq’s antiquities: from the sacking of the National Museum, to piecing the rubble together, assessing the damage, and US efforts to contain it. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003-2004)

Rosa Parks, “Hush that Fuss”
Artists and critics grapple with the civil rights icon’s legacy – and who owns the rights to it. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)
Online dating is flourishing in US prisons. What’s the draw for those on the outside? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Gospel of Boston
Long known for its performing arts, the city is exploding onto the national gospel music scene. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Recruiting Games
Hezbollah, white supremacists, and the US Army are all now using video games to draw young members. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Shakespeare Behind Bars
Performing Titus Andronicus, Kentucky inmates reach new insights about their crimes. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001-2002; 2001 National Education Writers Association award winner)

Fuck Television
Profanity is increasingly uncensored on the small screen. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2002)

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