Education & Kids

IMG_5375 (1)Bridging the edtech gap from Oyler school to home
Students without devices or broadband access at home can fall behind. (Marketplace, 2015)

Public school dares to talk about faith
Looking back at a year of change at Atlanta’s diverse International Community School. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2009)

crowdingCharter school crisis: A place to call home
A Georgia public school is crammed into a rented church, while a school building nearby stands empty. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2009)

thayoomoo and jessieTackling the three Rs in a second language
Math may be a universal language, but what happens when a word problem has words you don’t know? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2009)

bill and mathWho’s failing – the student or the test?
A young refugee has been making strides in US school. Why does the government still consider him a failure? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2009)

ann griffith3rd grade math: a teacher’s calculus
Remember those endless times tables? Under “No Child Left Behind,” the rules have changed. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2009)

biotechThe Future is Strawberry Snot
A return to 7th grade to look at how advances in biotechnology could change the way science is taught. (WABE Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)

Shooting Expands a School Community
When a student’s brother kills staff members’ longtime friend, a school pulls together to support both families. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2008; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2008)

“No Child” Leaving Charter School Behind?
With educations interrupted by war, essential refugee teaching assistants are vulnerable to firing under the law. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2008; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2008)

Spirit of a School Confronts Letter of the Law
As leadership, laws, and funding change, a school’s future hangs in the balance. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2008; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2008)

ICS bulletin boardMaking Community From a World of Difference
A Georgia charter brings together refugees, immigrants and American-born kids in a multilingual, multicultural experiment. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2008; winner of National Award for Education Reporting, 2008)

School Family
Meg Campbell modeled a successful charter school in a depressed Boston neighborhood on her own close-knit clan. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

Affirmative action battle brews anew in Michigan
Opponents of racial preferences in hiring and university admissions seek to amend the state’s constitution to ban them. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

Warehousing our children
As America institutionalizes a growing number of foster kids, child-welfare advocates worry it is ignoring 100 years of research. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Safe haven
Most US states have now legalized child abandonment. Are the new laws are saving babies? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

More teens trade summer jobs for college prep
Fewer teens are seeking summer jobs now than ever before. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2002)

Peace talks
Students learn conflict resolution by applying history lessons to current events. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001)

Think Again
After 9/11, a Boston Islamic Center opens its doors, hoping to challenge misconceptions about the faith. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001)

Teaching 9/11
Team- and solo-reported stories in the wake of the attack, exploring the responses of elementary school teachers, college students, the growing campus peace movement, college professors, and local Islamic organizations. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001)

Living and learning at Fallingwater
Teen aspiring architects in a selective summer program compete to design an outbuilding for Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001)

Tubing, riding – and everyone’s on wheels
Kids with disabilities have full access to summer camp staples at the Massachusetts Hospital School’s unique program. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2001)

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