Grieving a Father They Never Met  •  The Christian Science Monitor
After her husband’s death, 9/11 widow and mother of four Sue Mladenik coped by becoming a mom again … and again.  Read the 2011 profile of the family, or look back at their lives in 2002 and 2003.

Starting to feel like home • The Christian Science Monitor
As 5th grader and former refugee Bill Clinton Hadam joins an elite Olympic soccer training team, his growing family starts to put down roots in America.

Lost in Migration • The Christian Science Monitor
She survived genocide and rape, but can Neema John beat US immigration’s red tape to be reunited with her refugee family? (2010 American Society of Journalists and Authors award winner)

A 9-year-old’s Georgia Refuge  •  The Christian Science Monitor
Meet Congolese refugee Bill Clinton Hadam, his family, and the Georgia apartment where his American story began. (Winner of International Award for Solidarity with Refugees, 2010)

On the German Front  •  The Boston Globe Magazine
Patching up Iraq war casualties at a military hospital in Germany has changed Army surgeon Stephen Flaherty. (2008 German Marshall Fund award winner)

Prisoner of Conscience: Part 1 and Part 2  •  The Christian Science Monitor
Army medic Agustín Aguayo served time rather than kill for his country. (German Marshall Fund award winner)

US Army Deserters Abroad  •  Nightline
A growing number of US soldiers in Germany are opting to desert the military.

Life on the Mississippi, Revisited • The Christian Science Monitor
Three-part series on modern-day Mississippi River towboaters:  their history on the water, the toll river life takes on family, and the challenges of training the next generation.

The Nuns’ Priest’s Tale • The Christian Science Monitor
A priest orphaned in the Rwandan genocide meets the Missouri nuns who are the closest thing he has to family.

Shakespeare Behind Bars • The Christian Science Monitor
Performing Titus Andronicus, Kentucky inmates reach new insights about their crimes. (2001 National Education Writers Association award winner)

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