No refuge yet (Parts one and two)
In drug-riddled Northeast Baltimore, the murder of a Bhutanese refugee has catalyzed a new approach to community crime fighting. (WYPR Baltimore Public Radio, 2011)

New order in the court?
Baltimore’s immigration court pilots a controversial program designed to cut through a backlog of 300,000 cases nationwide. (WYPR Baltimore Public Radio, 2011)

What’s it like to be a refugee in the US today?
In a “fundamentally broken” system, homelessness threatens many; some are returning to war to make a living. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2009; winner of 2010 International Award for Solidarity with Refugees)

Prisoner of Conscience: Part 1 and Part 2
Army medic Agustín Aguayo served time rather than kill for his country. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2007; 2008 German Marshall Fund award winner)

Casualties of Conscience
Disenchanted with America’s Iraq policy, a growing number of US soldiers stationed in Germany are deserting their posts or choosing not to reenlist. (Der Spiegel, 2007; 2007 Nieman Narrative Digest notable narrative)

Children of the Enemy
Occupation troops left tens of thousands of fatherless children in postwar Germany. Now in middle age, many “war babes” are trying to find the parents they never knew – before it’s too late. (Der Spiegel, 2007)

9/11 Accomplice Convicted
Germany’s highest appellate court has convicted Mohammed Atta’s former roommate of 246 counts of abetting murder. (Spiegel Online, 2006)

US Intelligence Sharing -v- German Terror Prosecution?
If his German court sentence proves light, 9/11 accomplice Mounir el Motassadeq may have obstructionist US security policy to thank. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2006)

Building a better death penalty?
A panel convened by Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney thinks it’s drawn the blueprints. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

They Do!
Across Massachusetts, gay couples apply for marriage licenses on the day the first US state recognizes their legality. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

No Healing Here
Catholic bishops have reneged on their promise of transparency in the wake of sex scandals, says a lay board charged with enforcement. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

The future of gay couples married in the meantime
More than 3,500 gay couples have been married in the US. What will happen if their unions are made unconstitutional? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

High stakes in redistricting fights
Three key cases raise questions about the way lawmakers shape voting districts. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2004)

Out of the margins, into the mainstream
On the eve of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, a look at how far American social attitudes have come since Stonewall.  (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Government priorities shift away from tortured POWs
POWs tortured in the first Iraq War are still fighting for legal compensation. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

What Should Rape Cost?
On the eve of a major settlement, victims of clergy sexual abuse grapple with what their suffering is worth, in the eyes of the law. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Inside Prison, Outside the Law
What does convicted pedophile priest John Geoghan’s murder by a fellow inmate tell us about prison vigilante justice – and a society that condones it? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

A hard time for a hard line
After 30 years, America’s toughest drug laws have served their time. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Some cities have banned the term. What does it really mean? (The Christian Science Monitor, 2002)

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