Science & Nature

Tina Van ZileWhen the Chippewas are Down
Tina Van Zile and her Wisconsin tribe fight to protect their land from mining interests. (Grist, 2006)

Marlene GrossmanL.A. Story
For Marlene Grossman, tackling pollution is a first step to empowering recent immigrants. (Grist, 2006)

Omar FreillaRumblings in the Bronx
Omar Freilla has a plan to create jobs while cleaning up the polluted streets of the South Bronx. (Grist, 2006)

Walk this Way
Evangelist Charlotte Keys fights for victims of chemical poisoning in Mississippi. (Grist, 2006)

Did Your Vote Count?
Electronic voting machines, the future of American elections, may be more error- and fraud-prone than any previous method. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

A Fish Tale
An historic bargain in Maine opens the way for the return of Atlantic salmon runs. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Iron Lungs
Iron-breathing microorganisms may help the hunt for new energy sources, the mystery of Earth’s earliest life, and the search for life in space. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Making Fuel from Foul
Entrepreneurs are looking to cut waste and create energy using food and crop residues. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Power Play
As Americans become more detached from their power sources, sacrificing for an invisible grid holds less appeal. But the stakes are high. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

This River Runs Through Us
Scientists embark on a 10-day voyage to determine what’s threatening one of America’s most crucial waterways. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

Saying Without Saying
Meet prosody, the science of listening for the meaning behind people’s words. (The Christian Science Monitor, 2003)

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