Little Bill Clinton

From 2008-2011, I followed the lives of 9-year-old Congolese refugee Bill Clinton Hadam, his family, and his school, in a real-time, print and multimedia series for The Christian Science Monitor.  The series was honored with numerous awards, and travel was funded by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.


1: A 9-year-old Finds Refuge in Atlanta
2: Building Community From a World of Difference
3: Spirit of a School Confronts Letter of the Law
4: “No Child” Act Leaving Charter School’s Refugee Staff Behind?
5: Caught in the Refugee Cycle for Life?
6: Shooting Expands a Community’s Borders
7: Third-grade math: a teacher’s calculus
8: Who’s failing – the student or the test?
9: Tackling the three Rs in a second language
10:  Charter crisis: A place to call home
11: Lost in migration
12: What’s it like to be refugees in the US?
13: Public school dares to talk about faith
14: Starting to feel like home


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