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Hi Barack ObamaHi Barack Obama: Advice from ICS kids

Students at the International Community School talk to their new president.

ThayoomooThayoomoo’s world

Bill Clinton’s 8-year-old Burmese neighbor talks about her life and school.

Bill at boardBill Clinton, problem solver

Bill and friends in his 3rd grade math class collaborate to make a table.

Ann GriffithA teacher’s defining moments

Veteran teacher Ann Griffith talks about what keeps her in the profession for the long haul.

Patty CaraherShe traveled the road to the Obama White House

Sister Patty Caraher has been fighting for civil rights for more than 40 years.

Edna WrightHoliday shenanigans at ICS

Parties, antlers, and a traditional English pantomime send ICS kids off for winter break.

Tahisha EdwardsHow Ms. Tahisha overcame racial prejudice

Assistant principal Tahisha Edwards tells ICS 5th and 6th graders why she became an educator.

Bill glassesHe Wants to be a Superhero:

Bill talks about growing up in a refugee camp and the challenges of his new life in Georgia.

UN DayUN Day:

Kids, teachers, and parents dress up for the school’s biggest celebration.

ICS FoundersHow the International Community School Began:

School founders recall the chance encounters that began their charter school.

IgeyA Ham is Born:

Bill’s younger brother introduces himself, his mom, and his favorite things.

bill's familyMeet Bill Clinton Hadam and His Family:

After a year and a half in America, Bill’s mom is job-hunting and his sister remains in Tanzania.